Nature Mandala within an Urban Landscape - Buenos Aires

Monday, March 18, 2019


WOOSH ~~~~~ Gone. My day is almost gone. I have been sitting in the same position for about 4 hours BUT I got a new video uploaded to my GETIN2NATURE youtube channel and finally after almost two years updated my getin2nature website to reflect what I am doing now in terms of EnviroArt, Eco Art, Mandala Painting, Presentations and more. CLASSES!!!

There is more to do on the web but that BIG AVOIDANCE HUMP has been crossed. :) Yey ME!

As for art here is a pic - then a website link - then the video link. Have FUN. I think my leg is asleep. It is time to move the body and stretch EVERYTHING.

Upcycling a damages tabletop a few days ago. Pretty Cool. Remember the records? I will be promoting classes in acrylic pouring on vinyl for Spring.

There you will find the process video and a whole lot more.


Monday, March 11, 2019


What an amazing Leesburg Art Fest this year. So FULL. I designed a PAINT LIKE POLLOCK Create Station for the kids. It was superbly messy, educational and FUN!

I awoke today body sore therefore I simply had to keep moving. I needed to catch up in the garden, make tentative designs for a new fiber art Create Staton for BoHo Fest in September and actually (can you believe it) paint a damaged table. One would think I had quite enough paint but priming is meditative. It's GOOD FOR YOU.

Here are some pics from the Art Fest's Saturday. I still haven't edited Sunday's. Today was for quietly balancing with my own creations at my own pace - alone in space.

Until soon - back to priming

OM :)