Nature Mandala within an Urban Landscape - Buenos Aires

Monday, October 22, 2018



I was going to title this post "Sometimes You Just Need to Sit Still" but then I stopped sitting still. I can't do that for too long. I have my moving meditations such as biking, walking in the woods, making art pieces, gardening and drawing mandalas.

"At this moment" autumn is here in Central Florida. I awoke at dawn to 55F - NICE. I am wearing slippers. Insert smiley face. Mornings are lovely. How anyone sleeps in dumbfounds me. I have already been out in the garden chatting with my plants and picking up raintree pods and branches. I save both for earth art. I am often surprised how they work themselves into a piece.

This cooler weather inspires me to create my fiber art and my earth art again. On Sunday I found myself wrapping raintree sticks while getting "wrapped up" in fiber arts youtube playlists.

Is it me or is this a fall thing? All I know is it feels right so I do it. Look forward to future posts and pics of mixed earth art and fiber media coming up.

I don't have much computer time today so must be getting on with it. >>>>>> More coffee - more puttering - I have a guest coming for a week and need to sweep up my earth piddle. My enviro art construction can be a messy process sometimes and dust gets everywhere but it "feels right so I do it".

I have added a few happy pics...


Monday, October 8, 2018


This morning when I awoke I practiced my usual routine. Actually I don't need to practice. I have it down. I woke up before the sun rose, stretched out from the fetus position and sighed a happy big sigh. Each day is a rebirth. I noticed the birds singing, the breeze coming through the windows and then I began to analyze my dreams. It's fun and often enlightening to take the time in bed before your mind gets diverted and you forget.

I then got up, started the coffee, pushed the ON button on my laptop and checked my mail, Facebook and the weather. Soon I got to puttering. When I got back to the laptop, my laptop that I use for all my design work, it gave me a 24 second warning to plug in. That's when the trouble began. I couldn't plug it in in time. Now I can't get it to boot up. Three hours searching and trying solutions and another hour looking for laptops online.


Walk away Patt!

I have 2 old broken Acer netbooks. The screen is totally smashed on one. I have it VGA'd to an old monitor. It is connect to a sound system in my studio so that I can stream groovy music. I also have another netbook with a partially broken screen (it casts red fuzz) which is what I am typing on now. I wear readers over my bifocals to see what I am typing. 

Walk away Patt, walk away.

All weekend I was getting text messages from someone that should know by now I don't keep my phone near me and I dislike texting. Call me! She was offering me an old smart phone to use. I suppose I should reply. But...

Aren't I sucked in enough?

Close the cover Patt.

A web design client called Sunday frantic that several browsers showed his site with security issues. Not a problem, but for him a scare. I said most likely the web host service was doing updates. My suggestion was to wait a few hours. But I had to dig in only to find that indeed the host was making server updates. Less than two hours later all was fine.

Pull out the watercolor paper and pencils Patt.

Tech messages from the Universe do not need hardware and you are already pre-loaded with the software. Running too many programs all at once isn't such a good thing.

Today is my day off. I am finally taking my own advice and getting my art supplies out and...

Just walking away.

Read my blog first - then walk away ;) Chau 4 now.

Monday, October 1, 2018


I have three special women friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We met several years ago at the Club Europeo. They were in my "So To Speak" English conversation group. Often I was asked by others, "Patt, you speak English well. Why are you here?" Well, besides the fact I was extremely welcomed and valued at the Monday meetings I had another reason for attending. I wanted to gain knowledge about the Argentine culture in a language that I could understand. I could ask questions and get understandable replies all while being helpful by correcting their English. And ther was another HUGE added benefit. I could make friends.

Those three women and I became Las Rebelas (The Rebels). When the club shut from late December to March for summer holidays we continued to meet at my apartment or hang out for dinner downtown. And even when we all stopped our club memberships our deeply rooted friendship continued through new babies to job changes, boyfriends and long trips away.

They call me Swami Patt for all the sharing of angel cards, dowsing rods, spiritual teachings and grounding techniques through difficulties. But most importantly, they call me their friend.

They gave me this crocheted mandala when I left Argentina. It now hangs in the kitchen of my BoHo MoHo Boo in Central Florida. I feel the warmth of their friendship each time it catches my eye. Many times I have attempted and failed to crochet something similar. I don't know why it is but I am a complete disaster at crochet. Youtubes do not help. I need someone to gently guide me and my hands, in person, with the buena onda (good vibe) of an old friend.

So how about it? Are you near Leesburg, FL? Are you patient and kind? Can you teach me how to crochet a mandala? We can do it in English :). or ....

Would you want to teach a group class at the Leesburg center for the Arts? :) <3 Please let me know.

Besitos y Abracitos
Swami Patt