Nature Mandala within an Urban Landscape - Buenos Aires

Monday, November 12, 2018


Here you go....a post that has little to do with mandalas except for Mindfulness, Moving Meditation,  and Art. Well that's a lot actually. And where it goes... :) spirit stole my fingers again.

Origami: The Japanese art of paper folding.

Recycling old magazine pages for peace cranes.
For many years when it gets to be around the "holiday" I fold paper cranes. I give many away with the intent of spreading peace and good wishes. I don't usually have traditional Christmas trees. Often I simply decorate with garlands of cranes or put the cranes on a ficus tree along with little colorful globe ornaments and cocktail umbrellas. It's not so much about the religious holiday for me. It is about thankfulness, reflection and new year intentions to go forward brighter and better.

Peace and goodwill for all. The CRANE means that for me.
This year I am in my own BoHoMoHo Boo *Bohemian Mobile Home Base of Operations* in Central Florida. I have no family here and few friends outside of my work at the art center. There will be no gifts to put under the tree again. That's just stuff anyway. My MoHo is uncluttered in the no chaos zen way that I like it. I don't need nor want gifts. The sentiment is the important thing to me. If someone wants to gift me something make it their friendship (that is an honor) and an excellent experience. I opted for experiences over material stuff decades ago pre-nomad time.

I have been cutting 5- 6" paper squares from old magazines and aged colored copy paper on my paper cutter and making the first waterbomb fold. I have many "starts" stacked in a container to easily take along with me. I can fold the rest of the creases myself and teach others. Spread and share the love. There are a few stories about the crane and its meaning. 1000 is a personal quest. I am expanding that to be a community quest of good intentions this year. More on that in another post.....

For now I just want to introduce you to this amazing young woman and what folding cranes did for her, her heart, her creative expression and more. The cranes can do this for all of us. Pay attention. Our next generation of creatives are the ones to bring change to our world. Take a moment to watch, listen and be inspired.

I am going back to mindfully folding good intentions. >>>>>